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Corporate Goals

  • To provide our customers with the highest possible service of any office supply company in the country.
  • To treat the customer as our most valuable asset.
  • To be recognized as an honorable and ethical firm.
  • To provide all employees with financial independence and pride.
  • To achieve optimum long-term profitable growth.
  • To maintain a leadership position among Houston's office product companies.
  • To hire and train the most imaginative and competent people available.
  • To develop and maintain an organization whose conduct and ethical standards are the highest possible.
  • To justify the trust of our customers, respect of our competitors and the community at large.
  • To price our merchandise and services at a fair and competitive level.
  • To find newer and simpler ways of purchasing office products.
  • To recognize and reward employees according to their abilities and contributions, while maintaining a positive work environment.

Corporate Values

All our activities & decisions must be based on & guided by these values:

  • Treating our customers, competitors, vendors & associates with respect & dignity.
  • Placing the interests of our customers first.
  • A continuous quest for superior quality in everything we do.
  • Adhering to the conduct that reflects the highest standard of business integrity.
  • Teamwork from the smallest unit to the enterprise as a whole.
  • Being good citizens in the communities in which we live & work.

To the extent we act according to these values, we believe we will provide outstanding service to our clients & customers, earn a leadership position in our businesses & provide a superior return to our shareholders.

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