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We accept most major credit cards.

Reliant is locally owned and operated. We have been in business since 1984. We treat our customers, competitors, vendors & associates with respect and dignity.

Reliant has purposely remained a small business. This way we can be sure we place the interests of our customers first and maintain a continuous quest for superior quality in everything we do.

Reliant extends the same values you see in our service into the community. We have supported many charitable organizations and believe the community is an integral part of keeping the business sector on track for the future.

Reliant will always remain competitive in the industry. Our price may not always be the lowest, but you can count on our service, our delivery, and our products. We stand behind what we sell. If you are not happy with your purchase, talk to us. Weíll listen and do what we can.

Reliant services some of the same people you service. What better way to let people know who we are and what we stand for than through our ethical and moral principles. We feel the best (and most accurate) publicity is through word of mouth advertising. What are you hearing from your customers?

Reliant concentrates in building relationships first, then business. We want your partnership. We prioritize people and their values and ethics above making a sale.

Reliant continually updates and upgrades the technology necessary to bring the customer convenience. Our goal is for our customers to spend as little time as necessary in the procurement process of supplies.

Reliant covers the far corners of the world (paper from Australia) to bring in any product you need (in the catalog or not; with or without the stock number). If we canít get it, you donít need it!

Reliant is here to stay. You can depend on us to be here for years to come. We are an integral part of Houstonís future.

Reliantís single most focus is customer service. We have the knowledge to exceed most customer service departments with a personality to match every customer we have. Our onsite customer service department can help you with all aspects of your order. Got questions? We have answers.

Reliant Business Products
10641 Haddington Dr #100
Houston, Texas 77043
Your Office Resource Partner (713) 425-5819 or (800) 690-2745
Fax: (713) 425-5820
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